Video Editor Paid Internship

Job Detail

Video Editor Paid Internship

Experience: 6-12 Months

Job Overview: 

We are looking for an experienced and creative Video Editor to join our team! As a Video Editor at our company, you will be responsible for editing and creating videos for internal and external purposes. As video has become the best way of communicating the company's messages on online platforms, your position will play an important role in our company's success.


1. Min 6 months of experience as a video editor

2. Experience in using video and editing software

3. Creative thinking and story-building skills

4. Time-management skills

5. Good interpersonal and communication skills

6. Familiarity with special effects, colour combination and compositing

7. Proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects

8. Knowledge and a good understanding of motion graphics are preferred.


1. Manage and oversee all technical aspects of video editing

2. Work with our creative team

3. Following company guidelines

4. Present to a senior person

5. Develop an overall video brand messaging strategy

6. Meeting the deadlines.