Aman Verma AKA TheAachaladka: YouTuber And Actor


Aman Verma AKA TheAachaladka: YouTuber And Actor

Born in Ghaziabad, Aman Verma AKA TheAachaladka loves to put on a show and make people laugh.

He wasn’t someone who would jump right on stage and start doing whatever he thought of. What made him gain the needed confidence was just a simple push from his teacher.

It was 2016 when he got admitted to college and before joining, he wanted to reach people and entertain them with his acting skills, through the use of YouTube, but before that in 12th grade itself, he wanted to become a professional actor and get into the film industry.

He had no idea how to go about it which later ended up into something just as creative and happening. It made things better when his own class teacher motivated him to get on stage as she found a great potential within him.

Being a notorious child, his teacher insisted he does things on stage that he used to do to make the whole class laugh out loud, including the teachers as well.

This further led to Aman participating in competitions outside of his school which he never took part in before. To his surprise, he did marvellously well and won many competitions that he took part in.

God had greater plans for Aman and he thoroughly believed in this.

After 12th grade was when he gave serious thought to youtube, before joining college for his degree.

Youtube wasn’t so hyped up back then when he wanted to start with it. He knew it would all make sense later and that youtube too would become a very fluent app used by most. This made aman take the chance and do what he wanted to do. This thought was bothering him right before his college entrance.

He came to realize that good content wouldn’t be as easy to produce and deliver. Camera, cameraman, good directing, scriptwriting, casting, costumes, location, and many such things were necessary for the same

Aman didn’t give it much thought and went ahead with it and ended up shooting one or two videos as a layman would. He wasn’t so happy with them and discontinued it.

His college started later on and he had subjects that were core to his video making dream. He again started with youtube, this time with the right knowledge and little equipment that he had at hand. He’d gotten the hang of using a camera which really helped him in his endeavours.

Slowly he started developing himself and also prepared a team to work with. He chose extremely versatile and creative, yet very relatable topics which are popular today and were pretty new and exciting back then. This gave him an edge over others. He also got an amazing job opportunity at a very famous youtube channel to which he thought he’d apply.

After much thought and suggestions from someone, aman decided to take a step back and instead work on his channel itself.

He made 6 videos in just a span of two months and one of the videos made him jump from 15k subs to over 1 lakh and not just that, in the next month the count doubled again, from 1 lakh to 2 lakh subs.
Isn’t that amazing!

From the creative topics he chose, from scriptwriting, acting, directing, and everything that came along with this, and a ton of effort, he came up with extremely creative and humorous yet relatable videos.

He chose the topics which were experiences that he had already encountered in his own household or incidents which he observed in his everyday life too. Such was the simplicity.

‘Chota Bhai vs bada bhai’ is one of his most-watched videos. He thought of making a video out of this experience of his which gained a lot of momentum for his channel.

Aman started doing great with his youtube channel. Delivering exactly what the audience and public wanted.

This news spread like wildfire in his college too. His teachers and staff were just as proud. He’d already won their hearts and hence ended up gaining their full support. Not just that, due to his passion for acting, and other subjects that he really liked, he topped all those subjects and also managed to further grow his channel more. The amount of hard work he has done is commendable!

It was all due to his channelled and focused effort applied to almost everything he dreamed of accomplishing.

Passion also drives a person right towards his or her goals, but what is passion even, if one doesn’t work well enough to achieve it? Aman is just an apt example of the same. He was always passionate about doing something in this field, and to drive his passion further ahead, he took up challenges and worked very much to get there and achieve everything that he dreamed of.

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