Ankit Yadav: The Journey Of Highest Taxpayer Influencer


Ankit Yadav: The Journey Of Highest Taxpayer Influencer

Ankit is a well-known Indian Investor, educator, and wealth manager from the United States. He is the CEO and Founder of Market Maestroo Pvt. Ltd. He is currently among the highest taxpayers in his state. He, for the first time in the entire globe, introduces the concept of the Intrinsic value formula, from where you can find the fair value of any stock in the world.


Ankit began his investment experience at the age of 18; at a time when other youngsters were asking for money for parties and fun, he utilized his pocket money to invest in the stock market. He set up a DEMAT account and began investing. He endured several defeats at the initial level, but he never gave up hope and persevered on his mission. After many ups and downs, he is finally in a position where he is recognized as one of the highest taxpayers in his native state of Chhattisgarh.


Ankit Yadav is a Wealth Manager from the United States & has a Masters's Degree in Business Administration in Finance. He was a winner not only in Finance, but also in Economics, and he was awarded a Gold Medalist in this discipline as well.


Ankit's net worth is estimated to be in the range of 10-20 crores as of 2021. ANKIT YADAV IS FAMOUS FOR HIS ECONOMIC AND STOCK MARKET PROJECTIONS. He has a distinguished career to his credit. 'The next Warren Buffet' is a nickname given to him by his admirers since he believes in passing on the Baton of Value Investing. He is well-known for his calculated predictions in the stock market.

The following are some of his insightful predictions:

1. He projected that crude oil would rise to roughly $80 when it was trading at $40. Later on, that really happened, and crude oil prices increased by $90.

2. He predicted the COVID Crash in November 2019 and swiftly quit his portfolio. After three months, the stock market had dropped by 40%.

3. YES Bank, a once well-known bank, has suffered a significant loss. Ankit predicted that it will one day be priced at Rs. 10 (the company's intrinsic worth). Within three years, his words were shown to be true.

There is a long list of such prognosticates made by him, which has later proved to be correct. He has the potential to manage market supremacy through his thorough and measured predictions. The whole market is now buzzing about this budding investor as a result of his sheer determination, dedication, and rational approaches to investing.


He began his entrepreneurial journey by establishing Market Maestroo Pvt. Ltd., which is headquartered in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, and has offices in Mumbai and Bengaluru. This business was founded with the goal of educating investors on sensible and cautious investment strategies. Under one umbrella, the business provides advice on financial planning, portfolio diversification, stock research, and a variety of other operations auxiliary to financial intermediation. 

You can find him on social media platforms like YouTube as well with the channel name Market Maestroo where he has got over 7 lakh subscribers. In the era of the plethora of unfiltered knowledge about the stock market on the internet, Ankit has taken the responsibility of educating naive and experienced investors about mind-full practices of investing.

He believes strongly in training people on how to make money and grow it over time. He is well-versed in-market expertise and believes that rather than gathering information for himself, sharing knowledge will benefit both him and society. Through his videos, Ankit's extensive study simplifies money management principles, allowing many individuals to enjoy investing and exploring the stock market.


Ankit believes that he has achieved all his rewards from this economy. So it is his duty to thank the economy as a return. As a sense of gratitude, he has paid a lump sum tax of Rs.8 lakh a month, making him one of his state's biggest taxpayers. This is not the end of the line. In another attempt towards the economy, he paid the Government of India Rs.14 lakh in GST a month.


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