Soham Shahane: The Passionate RJ & Marathi Roasting Content Creator


Soham Shahane: The Passionate RJ & Marathi Roasting Content Creator

Just another Maharashtrian boy and a tea fanatic, Soham Shahane or RJ Soham is a young boy in his 20s with a head full of dreams. Last year in 2020, in just a month, his content went viral and it was overwhelming for him, also not so shocking.

Soham is best known as a radio jockey, his roasts, his genuine love for cricket, motivation talks, crazy communications skills, being fearless and lively, and much more.

Early Life & Career:

As a young boy, he was always fascinated by the media field. He grew up around this field as his mother was into it and it was very clear to him that he didn’t want to follow another cliche of becoming a doctor or an engineer.

He has always been a talkative and extroverted personality, he could never sit down idle with a straight face. He started by visiting a local radio station in his town in 2007.

He used to visit Radio Vishwas daily after his school hours and from there on began his journey at an amateur level, moulding him into a great personality that he carries quite confidently today.

Third or fourth grade was when his life slowly started to take a turn. Later on, he made himself confident enough to go and try for the Nashik District Cricket Association Commentary.

He got selected for it and the commentary had to be done in English. Not only did he outdo himself by commentating in front of a huge audience of around 25k, but he also managed to touch their hearts.

Soham refers to himself as a ‘samadhi means.’ He believes he has power in his voice and he wants to make a difference. He wants to use that voice to entertain people, make them laugh and feel genuinely good.

Soham is a firm believer that success and failure go hand in hand and are just a part and parcel of life. The struggle isn’t a struggle if you think about it, it is a process, which moulds you into what you become.

Just like many, he too had to struggle and stand out to be heard. His major drawback was during an interview after his 10th grade to apply for the position of Radio Jockey.

Soham was told that he spoke well, but his personality wasn’t too charming and hence did not get accepted there as an RJ. That didn’t stop him because he didn’t care! He believed looks didn’t matter as he just wanted to be a radio jockey, and the way he spoke mattered, definitely not the way that he looked.

A year later, he got the part of an RJ elsewhere because he worked for it and nothing could ever let him not have what he wanted. He often says a person has to be ‘Nirlajja’ - shameless and extremely passionate about what he wants. When a person is shameless, he is confident, at his best, at his peak and gets what he wants. This statement is true in context with himself.


Soham has begun his successful journey and has crossed a couple of milestones, although he still has a long long way to go. It is safe to say that he is already making a huge difference with his voice and confidence and has already achieved so much at such a young age!

RJ Soham's Full Podcast is Here,


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