The Boy With A Camera: Sunny Bhavsar


The Boy With A Camera: Sunny Bhavsar

Originally a Maharashtrian, Paras or Sunny Bhavsar as you might know, is from Surat, Gujarat. His story begins with him being a decent child since the day he was in school.

A very simple boy, focusing on his studies while being in school, Sunny belonged to a very middle-class family. Since he was a small boy, He never liked to sit idle and always wanted to and was interested in doing something creative and different from the crowd. His life has been like a roller coaster so far.

He was good at academics but never wanted to further pursue something where he had to do nothing but be a bookworm. He was into being creative and doing different things and wanted to do something on similar lines.

He knew he was good at drawing and continued with that until he got influenced by one of his friends to take up fashion, as she was doing the same. So, after 12th grade, Sunny signed up for a diploma in fashion designing.

He dragged himself in this field for over a year, only to realise that it was not his cup of tea. Having already spent a handsome amount of money and time, he wanted to get out of it.

This was when he insisted to his father that he cannot do this anymore, but he did not drop out. He wanted to do something different, but not fashion. He wanted to get into the camera line. And so, where his real interest was, he followed and made something out of it.

Sunny had already invested time, a lot of money and energy into fashion. Having almost no choice, he continued with his 3-year diploma.
With each year passing by in his diploma, his interest in cameras grew furthermore.

He had become obsessed with the camera. He was happy doing absolutely anything that involved using a DSLR. Be it photography, videos; just anything related to it, and he’d be the happiest person alive.

He already had poured his heart into this profession and started feeling deeply attached to it.

He used to borrow cameras and learned to use them, experiment with them, do photoshoots, etc. He knew that he had a major knack for it and would make it big if he kept doing what he loved.

Sunny used to shoot small videos and clippings with his best pals whenever they went out or had fun. He used to compile those videos and make bigger videos out of them. Not just that, he edited them a little and added cool soundtracks to those videos which would just fit perfectly into them.

This was when he got an amazing idea. He already had knowledge about funny and famous YouTubers, so he thought of starting something on a similar base.

He had a candid team of actors at had (his friends), had enough knowledge as to how to shoot videos/ direct and edit them and much more. He thought of writing scripts and start making his video more like stories.

He thought about everything and decided it was a doable task. He already had a name for his circle, “Kaminey frendzz” given randomly by his brother long back which made him go ahead with that name itself.

He shared his insights and thoughts regarding this genius idea of his with his friends group. They were always supportive and without much hassle or worries and questions, they agreed on the plan and went ahead with it.

Sunny believes in doing something of value and passion rather than just doing something with half heart or no interest. He says, if you do something that you already have a passion for, things will work out and God will make you even better at it. Just do what you love with all that you have, and you will be rewarded. Keep moving ahead and the doors automatically will open for you.

Side by side with his fashion design career, he also developed a career in videography. He used to make short videos of events that he got appointed for.

He learnt editing all by himself and so it all fits perfectly. He used to record and shoot and then edit videos too. That is how he started making some money and wanted to continue with the same initially.

His diploma ended and that was also when there was a pause in his camera career which made him have no choice but to work as an intern in the field of fashion.

He knew he wasn’t that good because he wasn’t interested in it. He also never got paid for his internships, but to learn and get ahead in life he didn’t stop and continued with the internships.

He worked as an unpaid intern at a huge fashion mill for some time in his life. He had to struggle a lot every single day, and got jobs that required a lot of time and effort but proved to be of zero value. He knew he wasn’t on the right path and if he continued, he would get depressed and lag behind in life as well.

After a lot of thought, one fine day he spoke to his parents about this and then got a job at a camera studio. It was different from his content creation and his videos but as long as it was something related to the camera, he was happy and keen.

With this new job of his, side by side, he was already YouTubing and working with his friends for quite some time and so became somewhat famous too. Now here at his studio job, misery struck him again after a while. He knew he wasn’t progressing at this job. He somehow managed to drag himself into this for over a year, but then that was it. He quit the job.

To his surprise, his brother had gifted him his dream camera which helped him kickstart his career once again. He could now record family events, wedding functions and just about anything with that high-end camera.

On one hand, he had his friends and their own established channel, and on the other, he started his own tiny studio-cum-company where he took appointments of shooting and editing weddings and other videos professionally.

His entire life he had struggled to get from one point to the other.
He learnt every single thing by himself and that is how he managed to level up in his career. He is a sole believer in hard work and believes that if you want to get somewhere you have to work hard for it. Not just that, passion is a must!

You can almost achieve anything that you want with sheer effort and a desire to actually want it. If you have the willpower, you can always find ways out by yourself no matter what the situation is!

He completely made himself, the person that he is today, by heart and by the work he does. He is a self-made man who had to learn everything that lay in his interest on his own. He is a prime example that you can do just about anything. The way that life molded Sunny is an inspiration not for one, but many.

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