Why Influencer Marketing Important? How Does It Works?


Why Influencer Marketing Important? How Does It Works?

Influencer marketing is a marketing strategy through which a product or service is marketed with the help of social influencers. In influencer marketing, social influencers market a product or service through their social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook by posting a video or just an image promoting the product. Let's learn more about influencer marketing and how it works.

Why is influencer marketing important?

Marketing strategies have always changed. According to changing times, trends, customer behaviour and market needs. Influencer marketing is a marketing strategy designed to suit today's market needs. Today's Consumers are conscious about each and every purchase they make, this makes it difficult for brands to build trust amongst their customers.

On the other hand, social influencers are the people who have a specific follower base who trust them and follow them for their work. It's a situation where people trust influencers over brands. And that is why brands seek help from social influencers to promote their brand. The online presence of a brand is very important today and Influencer marketing makes it easy for you to establish a strong online presence to reach target customers.

How does influencer marketing work?

There are 3 sets of people involved in the working of Influencer marketing;


2.Social influencers


Middleman agents or networks can also get involved, these people help brands to find the right social influencers. Initially Brands outline their marketing goals to formulate a successful influencer marketing campaign. Factors such as which social platform, what kind of content, target audience, the expected output of the campaign, etc is decide.

Once a brand gets the exact idea of what they want they set their search for the perfect influencer for the campaign. Influencers of the same niche as one of the brands are considered.

An influencer can be found manually through online searching or through contacts. There are also various networking agencies such as Activate, influential, etc.

Once a brand gets its perfect influencer, the terms and conditions of the campaign are discussed and partnership is confirmed. Now it's time for the influencer to start posting content on their social media page. Here promotional content can be of two types, in the form of an image or a video content wherein the influencer puts in some efforts to create the same.

Social Influencer is the people who have a number of dedicated followers whom they have gained through their content. These followers trust these influencers and treat them as one of them, that is why their suggestions and views are considered as important. People get influenced by social influencers as a result of trust and that is what is used by brands to reach consumers. And this is how influencer marketing works!

How does influencer marketing drives return on investment?

Influencer marketing is said to be providing the highest return on investment than any other marketing technique. People trust fellow consumers over advertisements by the brand itself. With such kinds of promotional posts, people visit the websites of the brands to check out their products.

More traffic on the website ensures more sales leads. One of the best things about influencer marketing is the kind of instant brand recognition you get. It is been proved by many brands is that for every $1 invested in influencer marketing, you can get up to $6.50 returns. This definitely proves that influencer marketing ensures positive responses both tangible and intangible.


What I found impressive about influencer marketing is that it works for both big brands and budding brands. It is cost-effective as compared to the traditional methods of marketing and it is definitely a must try to grow your brand and most importantly to build goodwill.


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